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DEL BARBA LAVORAZIONI METALLI is a company specialised in surface finishing of metals and alloys.
The company was founded 40 years ago after a multi-year expertise by Bruno Del Barba , in the sector of metal polishing. Thanks to the founder’s skills and market opportunities, the company was widened and focused on several finishings:
polishing, and also grinding, sandblast, cleaning, etc.

From the first hand machines, between the 90s and 2000 the company invested in technology and became bigger and more equipped.

DEL BARBA LAVORAZIONI METALLI is now equipped with several automated machines sets to carry out many workings
and an important cleaning plant, besides more traditional tools.

Our main workings are:
grinding, polishing, sandblast and cleaning to treat
semi-finished items from our customers.

The main sector we supply are: techno-lighting, electro-mechanical components, mechanic-textile, furniture, railway and car components.

From a 30-year expertise of the company founder, specialised in metal surface finishing, in the following years the increasing and steady company growth has based on:

Gradual employment of the founder’s children in departments management,

Careful staff selection with motivated and qualified workers,

Employment of state-of-the-art machinery and tools,

Research and implementation of technology innovations necessary to the company development and to comply with staff safety and environment protection.

The company is located on an area of about 2300 sm, of which 1500 covered and used for production depts. and offices.

From tradition to modernity


Del Barba Lavorazioni Metalli,started as a family bisiness and then widened remarkably its market thanks to a professionalism of decades expertise in the sector.

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